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Title: Version 3.7.0 of PHREEQC programs is available
Post by: dlparkhurst on May 03, 2021, 09:25:56 PM
The new versions of PHREEQC, IPhreeqc, PhreeqcI, and PhreeqcRM are available at The new versions of PHAST and Phast4Windows are at

Release notes for PHREEQC document all of the new Basic functions. In addition, there have been a few bug fixes. Substantial revisions to update the code to make better use of C++ template classes and memory management have begun, although not completed in this version.

A number of new methods have been added to PhreeqcRM, particularly for
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IRM_RESULT GetGasPhaseVolume(std::vector<double>& gas_pressure);
IRM_RESULT setGasPhaseVolume(const std::vector<double>& gas_pressure);
IRM_RESULT GetGasCompMoles(std::vector<double>& gas_moles);
IRM_RESULT GetGasCompPressures(std::vector<double>& gas_pressure);
IRM_RESULT GetGasCompPhi(std::vector<double>& gas_phi);
IRM_RESULT SetGasCompMoles(const std::vector<double>& gas_moles);