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PHREEQC based geochemical modeling course Colorado, May 2017


John Mahoney:
Once again Mahoney Geochemical Consulting will be presenting the short course Geochemical Modeling Tools: Equilibrium and Transport Applications

The course will be held in Lakewood, Colorado from May 15 to the 19th.   

This five day course will provide participants with a detailed understanding of geochemical modeling using the programs PHREEQC, PHAST for Windows, and the chemical speciation and graphics package HYDRA/MEDUSA.  Major features of this course include numerous hands on exercises to allow participants to work through the various capabilities in the programs.  These exercises are drawn from the instructor’s experience and are selected to provide some “outside the box” thinking in the application of geochemical models.  The PHAST program, which couples PHREEQC with a three dimensional groundwater flow model, allows for the construction of solute transport models that include pertinent geochemical reactions in flowing reacting systems, thus avoiding problems with the simpler distribution coefficient type models.  By the end of the course, participants will understand geochemical modeling, including its shortcomings, and be able to apply geochemical models to numerous environmental issues.

We also include some discussion about PhreePlot.   

FOR DETAILS about costs, a registration form and to answer any questions contact:


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