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Short course "Reactive transport modelling"; spring 2017


Laurin Wissmeier:
We, at AF Consult Switzerland, are preparing a 2-3 days short-course in reactive transport modelling in spring 2017. The course is intended for academics or professionals who are interested in the methods of reactive transport modelling using PHREEQC as reaction engine.

A tentative course outline includes the following topics:
-   Basic theory of flow, transport and reaction modelling
-   Numerical concepts of reactive transport modelling
-   Basics in reaction modelling with PHREEQC
-   Couplings of flow and transport with the geochemical modelling framework PHREEQC (computer exercises)
       -   Groundwater flow and transport modelling using PHAST
       -   Unsaturated zone reactive transport modelling using HP1
-   Development of couplings of flow and transport simulators with the reaction engine PhreeqcRM

The course can be adapted according to the needs and interests of the participants. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to


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