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iPhreeqc.dll and ClickOnce



I'm trying to include iPhreeqc.dll into a Microsoft ClickOnce application.

Unfortunatelly I'm facing an issue, as my application target platform is set to "AnyCPU", whereas iPhreeqc.dll target platform appears to be "x86".

I saw in Phreeqc homepage a link for downloading iPhreeqc 3.3.2 for anyCPU (, but all I got is a C project without any any available dll.

Is there a way to get an iPhreeqc.dll "x64" or, even better for "AnyCPU"?

Thanks in advance,

If you have CMake and Visual Studio, you can compile the "any" version to make a 32- or 64-bit DLL. CMake is free and can be downloaded and installed. The README file in the "any" distribution gives directions for compiling libraries. On the first CMake screen, you can choose to generate a solution for your version of Visual Studio and either 32 or 64 bit, for example "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64".

Within the main CMake screen, you will want to use the BUILD_SHARED_LIBS option in CMake, and the IPHREEQC_STATIC_RUNTIME option. (BUILD_CLR_LIBS is needed for charts, but you might need some other libraries).

Thanks for the tips!


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