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I have the below selected output statements that follow one another, however, only the first one prints output to the designated file.  The other one prints the headers, but no output.

What gives?

    -file RxnFront.dat
    -headings C(4) S(6) Ca\
 5CA INFCA T2C-CNASHss T5C-CNASHss TobH-CNASHss Portlandite Cal\
 Brc M4A-OH-LDH AlOHmic Maghemite Mag monocarbonate C4AH13 Gp\
 ettringite Ferrihydrite Amor-Sl Py Kln hemicarbonat10.5 monocarbonate\
 SysCa CNASHss kg_H2O
1000 PUNCH TOT("C(4)") TOT("S(6)") TOT("Ca")\
 S_S("5CA") S_S("INFCA") S_S("T2C-CNASHss") S_S("T5C-CNASHss") S_S("TobH-CNASHss")\
 EQUI("Portlandite") EQUI("Cal") EQUI("Brc") EQUI("M4A-OH-LDH") EQUI("AlOHmic")\
 EQUI("Maghemite") EQUI("Mag") EQUI("monocarbonate") EQUI("C4AH13") EQUI("Gp")\
 EQUI("ettringite") EQUI("Ferrihydrite") EQUI("Amor-Sl") EQUI("Py") EQUI("Kln")\
 EQUI("hemicarbonat10.5") EQUI("monocarbonate") SYS("Ca") SYS("s_s") TOT("water")

    -file SolidMass.dat
10 s = SYS("equi", count , name$ , type$ , moles )
#20 PRINT "Phase                grams"
20 PUNCH "Phase                grams"
30 FOR i = 1 TO count
40   formula$ = PHASE_FORMULA(name$(i))
#50   PRINT PAD$(name$(i), 15), STR_F$(EQUI(name$(i))*GFW(formula$), 10, 2)
50   PUNCH PAD$(name$(i), 15), STR_F$(EQUI(name$(i))*GFW(formula$), 10, 2)
60 NEXT i
70 END

I think both files would be created, but the second definition would actually write data to the specified file.

You only get one definition for a given user number. User number 1 is the default, so you have defined two SELECTED_OUTPUT 1/USER_PUNCH 1; the second one replaces the first definition.

Simply use another user number for the second definitions SELECTED_OUTUPUT 2/USER_PUNCH 2. Then, both files will be written.


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