How to save a solution after evaporation

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Hi all,

New to this site, and I am an occasional PHREEQC user. I have a pit lake that I am modeling, and I have various processes/inputs/outputs. I have done this exercise before, but it is fairly time consuming because I need to input new concentrations for a solution at several steps.

My question is: I have a starting groundwater solution, I apply evaporation to it (i.e., remove a certain fraction of the water). I want to save that resulting solution composition, but if I say "Save solution X" and then i try to mix solution X with say some precipitation with a different chemistry, solution X has the same starting composition as my original groundwater.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Thank you

I would have to see you script, but you can definitely save the MIXed solution for use in subsequent calculations.

Here REACTION, with no reactants, is used to show the SAVEd composition of solution 3.

--- Code: ---SOLUTION 1
Na 1
Cl 1
1 0.5
2 0.5
SAVE solution 3
USE solution 3

--- End code ---

Thanks for the quick reply - I am using PHREEQC Interactive so I'll see if I can get the script on here ok:
       temp      25
       pH        7.9
       pe        4
       redox     pe
       units     mg/l
       density   1
       Ag        0.001
       Al        0.1
       Alkalinity 111 gfw 50.4
       As        0.027
       B         0.202
       Ba        0.00492
       Be        0.001
       Ca        20.9
       Cd        0.001
       Cl        21.8
       Cr        0.002
       Cu        0.002
       K         2.38
       Mg        3.41
       Mn        0.0088
       N(-3)     0 as NH4
       N(5)      1.03
       Na        57.1
       Ni        0.001
       Pb        0.001
       S(6)      34.2 as SO4
       Sb        0.001
       Se        0.001
       Si        41.8 as SiO2
       Tl        0.001
       U         0.00879
       Zn        0.031
       F         0.41
       Fe        0.1
       water    1 # kg
       H2O        -1
       12.12 moles in 1 steps
   SAVE solution 2

When I start a new Simulation (i.e. to add rain)

TITLE Add Precip 1 to PL1e = PL1p
SOLUTION 3 Precipitation
    temp      25
    pH        7.9
    pe        4
    redox     pe
    units     mg/l
    density   1
    Ag        0
    Al        0
    Alkalinity 0.5 gfw 50.4
    As        0
    B         0
    Ba        0
    Be        0
    Ca        0.11
    Cd        0
    Cl        0.15
    Cr        0
    Cu        0
    K         0
    Mg        0.025
    Mn        0
    N(-3)     0.175 as NH4
    N(5)      0.09
    Na        0.088
    Ni        0
    Pb        0
    S(6)      0.2 gfw 96.0625
    Sb        0
    Se        0
    Si        0 as SiO2
    Tl        0
    U         0
    Zn        0
    -water    1 # kg

    2    0.961
    3    0.039

    -file                 PL1p.out
    -totals               Ag  Al  Alkalinity  As  B  Ba  Be
                          Ca  Cd  Cl  Cr  Cu  F  Fe
                          Fe(2)  Fe(3)  K  Mg  Mn  N  N(-3)
                          N(5)  Na  Ni  Pb  S(6)  Sb  Se
                          Tl  U  Zn  Si
SAVE solution 5

When I go to the dropdown menu for which solutions to react, there is no "2" so I add it myself.

If I take the output from the first reaction (evaporation) and manually enter that as solution 4, I substitute that in the above mix reaction for the "2" i get different results.

So not sure what I am doing wrong.


Put an END statement after SAVE solution 2.

The END statements mean do the simulation and any saves, copies, etc. If you have no END statements to separate the calculations, the default rules about what gets reacted can be confusing. Ideally, define each piece individually, followed by an END. Then use MIX or USE to bring together the pieces that you want to react (and SAVE).

Thanks! That makes sense.


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