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Hydrogen dissolution in brine


I am a reservoir enginneer from France working on Hydrogen underground storage.
The lab ran an experiment withi Hydrogen (gas) in contact with brine at atmospheric pressure (actually 0.2 MPa). Experiment was done using 125 mL which contained a total of 60 mL of formation water and with addition of 30 mM HCO3- supplied by NaHCO3. Without bacteria, they obesrve CO2 and no CH4 in the gas and pH of about 8.
When runing PHREEQC with phreeqc.dat, the model reach equilibrium and forecast CH4 and no CO2. The only way I could model CO2 was by changing significantly the log of partial pressure equilibrium for CO2 (-35) as shown in the attached data deck. The lab told me CH4 generation is not possible under this conditions.
I found this numerical trick not quite satisfactory and am wandering if this might be due to a wrong definition of the gas liquid equilibrium and hydrogen dissolution in brine which appear to be quite significant
Any clue how to match model and experiment?


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