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solubility of two gas in a solution

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Hi dears
I want to dissolve two gases(CO2 and H2S) in a solution but Can not be used for hydrogen sulfide from Keyword Gas_Phase
How can I dissolve CO2 and H2S in solution?

You can define two gases in GAS_PHASE or two gases in EQUILIBRIUM_PHASES.

Ehsan, have a look at example 7 from the PHREEQC manual. You will need the keywords SOLUTION and GAS_PHASE from the given input file for a basic gas phase calculation. Both CO2(g) and H2S(g) are pre-defined in the database phreeqc.dat.

Thanks a lot Mr. David and Mr. Leo
I have a question
Have you worked on a hydrogen sulfide dissolution project?
Why does a fracture occur in a range of pressure and temperature?

DC: The picture is in Attachments.

I have not worked on the problem. Also, I think you should provide more information about what you are modeling. From the graph, it is unclear what you were doing.


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