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The keyword PRINT gives an option to show the list of species that contributes to alkalinity, but is there a way to punch the list to a file via USER_PUNCH instead?  If there is no such an option, then is there a Basic function similar to SYS("aq"), that could be used to query and output the list into an array, along with their molarity and Alk/Mol?

Thanks so much for your help!

Sorry, there is no function to get the alkalinity of a species.

All I could come up with is to make a lookup table between species name and alkalinity in USER_PRINT or USER_PUNCH. The following program uses brute force to allow you to calculate the alkalinity contribution of each species for the phreeqc.dat database.

The code includes a list of all elements in the periodic table as a means of finding all of the species in the database. I ran the code with the phreeqc.dat database and then edited the Alkalinity Distribution output data block to get the names and alkalinities for all alkalinity species. I  then wrote the USER_PRINT data block using a DATA statement in Basic. Not pretty (or efficient), but it will work if you really need the distribution of alkalinity.

Thanks so much for your help dlparkhurst!

Yes, it is not as elegant as a Basic function, but it certainly will work for my use case.  Really appreciate your help putting this together so quickly.

Hello, I get a 404 error when I try to dowload this attachment.  Would it be possible to post a reply with the text of the code?


Sorry, but no. All of the attachments seem to be lost in this forum.

All I can suggest is to use the -alk option of the PRINT data block to get the alkalinity contribution of each species in your system. You can also write the total alkalinity to a selected output file with a SELECTED_OUTPUT option or the Basic function ALK in USER_PUNCH.


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