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Dear all,

I am a beginner working on coupling PhreeqcRM with a transport model. I met a problem when compiling PhreeqcRM. I can build ALL_BUILD and INSTALL successfully as indicated in README.TXT. However, an error occurred when building RUN_TESTS (see attached screenshot). Does anyone know how to slove this problem? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Zhaoyang Luo

When you get the errror, if you look along the bottom of Visual Studio, there is a row of tabs. I think the "Error List" tab is being shown. If you click the "Output" tab, you will see more information about the error.

You may see this error:

1>CMake Error at cmake_install.cmake:37 (file):
1>  file cannot create directory: C:/Program Files (x86)/PhreeqcRM/lib.  Maybe
1>  need administrative privileges.

If so, you may need to rerun CMake and set the variable MAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. I usually use ./INSTALL.


I have checked the Output tab (attached below) and found that the error isn't the one you have mentioned. Despite this, I have rerun Cmake and reset the variable MAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX, but it still does't work.

Best regards,

I guess you will have to get some debugging practice.

Build debug PhreeqcRM. Set the configuration to Debug and compile ALL_BUILD.

Set TestRM to be the startup project. Right click on TestRM and "Set as Startup Project".

Right click on TestRM and choose build. I think this should say the project is up to date.

Go to the Debug tab at the top and start debugging. The file main.cpp calls a set of tests in sequence, but I suspect it fails before or in the first test.


Please upload your CMakeCache.txt file.  It should be located at D:\PhreeqcRM2\CMakeCache.txt.



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