bug report/WARNING: Did not find master species, C(+4)



when writing totals to the selected output file, PHREEQC won't recognize C(+4) although the master species is defined in the database. However, C(4) works fine. I found that the same problem has supposedly been fixed recently

--- Code: ---Version 3.7.0: April 27, 2021
        svn 5570
        In SELECTED_OUTPUT; -totals, a redox state defined
        with a "+" sign, such as Fe(+3), was not recognized
        ("Fe(3)" worked correctly). Now Fe(+3) is
        synonymous with Fe(3).
--- End code ---

With the current version I'm using (PHREEQC Interactive, Version, the problem is still occuring. I attached a minimal example (run with wateq4f.dat) to make clear what is happening. I don't see a problem in just using C(4) to get the desired output, however, we are using some older PHREEQC input files, in which this leads to missing output if they are run with the current PHREEQC version. Version 3.3.8 doesn't seem to reproduce the problem.


Okay, I'll fix it.


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