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Hello everyone, for some time I have been working on Phreeqc explicitly from notepat ++, now I want to make some graphs and according to what I researched, phreeplot is the perfect tool to do them, but I have read the guide and investigated and I do not know if I am installing it ok or if I have had problems, PhreePlot runs from Phreeqc? from the Notepat? from the phreeplot demo or does he have an application to insert the template and run it? I really appreciate the information.

PhreePlot is a standalone program that uses PHREEQC internally to do calculations. Some of the input is the same as PHREEQC input, but there is additional input that is unique to PhreePlot.

PhreePlot runs from a command line like cmd (right click windows->run->cmd), PowerShell, or GitBash, or you can double click on a properly formatted .ppi file, like those in the demo directory. There are dozens of examples, so the strategy would be to edit a file that is similar to what you want to do.

Indeed if your installation works, you don't have to worry about command windows, Powershell etc. - just click the *.ppi file, this will open a window - run the file - writing out a bit on what is going on - and when it's finished you can open the graph. from the folder where the *.ppi file was started from. And as David Parkhurst writes - use the examples - there are really a lot - and with a little modification you can make them do things a little different to fit your needs.


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