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Hi, I want to simulate a process of neutralization of acid mining water with calcite, but the Ag, Cr, As, Co, Hg and other elements contained in the acid water are not in the database.
help please

One post is enough.

Multiple databases are distributed with PHREEQC programs. phreeqc.dat has the smallest set of elements, and llnl.dat  has the most complete set.  minteq.v4.dat, sit.dat, and wateq4f.dat have intermediate sets of elements. If you are using PhreeqcI and you press the Run icon, you can change the database by browsing at the bottom "...". Also, there are tabs at the bottom, left, one of which is database. If you open that tab, you can inspect any database that you have used in a Run command.

That said, I think you should look at the major element chemistry before you get too carried away with trace elements. After that, look into one or two trace elements, if you have a specific interest.


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