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PHREEQC Users welcomes new users and encourages discussion. To help things run smoothly, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our rules and guidelines for posting:

Before posting:

Please try our search feature as a first point of call. The search will pick up on keywords from existing topics.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please ensure you have read/searched the PHREEQC manual.

Please feel free to post a new topic in the appropriate topic board, should your searches not prove successful.

For the benefit of new users looking to find answers to specific questions, please consider asking new questions in a new post rather than in an existing post, if the existing post was not originally started by yourself.


You can mention/address another phreeqcuser in a post by using the "@" symbol.

As outlined in our user agreement, posts which include any of the following are considered inappropriate and may be removed.

1. Defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening or adult material.
2. Copyrighted material.
3. Advertising of any kind (including products and services).
4. Spam.

You can report a post if there is anything inappropriate. Please do not report posts for positive reasons.

Input scripts:
Please use this forum to share your input scripts for PHREEQC, and/or ask for others to comment or make suggestions for improvements.  Please select the appropriate topic for your subject or message admin to request a new board. aims to be an educational resource, so when sharing an input script, please imagine that a beginner level user of PHREEQC would read the script.  Therefore, please add as many helpful explanatory comments after lines of script as possible.


We politely request that all users reference (as best as possible) any material which was based on/adapted from published sources. This helps users follow up research and acknowledge their sources.

Notification of replies:

If you have started a post, you can be notified of replies (by email) by following the "Notify" button toward the top right of a post. Because of the nature of this website, email clients may identify the messages as spam. Please check your junk mail and mark the emails as safe to ensure you are notified.


We actively moderate inappropriate material but ultimately cannot be held responsible for the content of or the use of material/information contained anywhere within the website.

Please note that all advice and comments are freely given.  Users must use any suggestions at their own discretion. and contributors take no responsibility for actions and decisions made as a result of modeling outputs, based on forum discussions.

We hope you benefit from discussions on


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