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PHREEQC Advanced Course To Be Held Online Last Week of September


John Mahoney:
There has been sufficient interest that I am willing to try and put on my advanced course during the week of September 28 through October 2, 2020 (THIS DATE IS TENTATIVE STILL) but most likely dates at this time.   Space will be limited to about eight participants  (site  locations).   The presentations will be live and done through Zoom.  Times will be based on Mountain  Daylight Time (Denver Colorado, United States).   We will have two approximately 3.5 hour sessions each day, with an hour break between them.   Likely times will be 8:30 to 12 noon mountain daylight time, and 1300 to about 1700 hours (1 to 5 pm). I will send Zoom meeting invitations to all participants.   

This course assumes some basic abilities with PHREEQC.  We will cover most of the more advanced features in PHREEQC such as surface complexation, kinetics, and solid solutions.  We will devote most of an afternoon to using the reactive transport program PHAST and spend at least a day with PhreePlot.   PhreePlot has become my go to program for a lot of modeling.  It has data fitting capabilities that essential allow one to calibrate and PHREEQC based model.   

This course will include an optional 3 hour session on the 27th of September 1300 to 1600 MDT.  that will serve a review if basic PHREEQC operations. 

 Please contact John Mahoney at for more details.  I also expect to put some information up on my website within a week of this post.   The website is

Also visit my website for some PhreePlot generated figures and discussions about some simple fitting methods.   


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