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Loading error for .p4w files in Phast for Windows

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First, my apology to swilke if I did not reply to those posts.

We think the problem is that you may have more than one HDF dll (hdf5.dll).

Do the following at a Windows command prompt:

where hdf5.dll

If 2 or more instances are listed, then try rearranging your environmental variable path so that

C:\Program Files\USGS\phast-3.6.15100\bin\

occurs before the other location.

We will keep checking to reproduce the problem, but let me know whether this suggestion works.

I did reproduce the problem. I "repaired" my HDF from an msi file, but I am not sure whether I actually installed a newer version or the repair made other changes. However, after the repair, I was able to open the files posted by swilke. We'll keep looking.

Thanks for your request, but it doesn't work. But it was a good advice as well.
I have solved the problem nearly.
I unistalled the program modelmuse, hdf-exporter and the batch version of phast. When the windows version of Phast was alone, it runs without any problems. After then I reinstalled the batch version of Phast (i nead it because of the hdf-Exporter). Now it works nearly with all p4w.files, but not with all. It doesn't open the p4w.files with shapefile for chemistry definitions. The files with the restart-chemistry definition are open without a problem.

Best Regards

We finally isolated the problem. There is a value in p4w files that is read incorrectly as a variable of the wrong size (32 bit instead of 64 bit). P4W mostly works, but if it fails, there is really no reliable work around.

Contact me offline through this forum and we can discuss options for you. We currently are working on new versions of all codes and will fix this bug in the next release. I think it only affects shape files.


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