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MacOS Execution Error


Hey all,

I'm getting a similar but slightly different error as some other users of the Mac version of phreeqc. When I try to run the executable I get the error

Can’t get «class cfol» "database" of item "d" of «class cdis» "B30E541C-8A23-464E-BE8D-5740B1401617" of application "Finder".

Notice that it says of item "d" rather than as alias. I tried the solution mentioned in another post which was to remove as alias from the line "set fdb to choose file with prompt "Choose database to use:" default location dbdir as alias without invisibles" but that didn't fix the problem. Any suggestions?

Just curious if you found a solution to this problem. It happened when I tried to install phreeqc on my Mac today.

Note that this is still a batch program, and not a graphical user interface.

Here is a fix that has been reported. It involves changing the script that runs PHREEQC for the Mac. I think the file attached has Mac line endings, but there may be problems with line endings or spaces between commands. (If changes are needed, please post.)

   1. In the src folder, open the run phreeqc script (this will open Script Editor).
   2. Copy the code below and replace the code in Script Editor.
   3. In Script Editor, select the Compile command from the Script menu (there should be no feedback or errors).
   4. In Script Editor, select the Export command from the File menu.
   5. In the dialog that opens:
       a. Export As: run phreeqc (this should be the default).
       b. Ensure that the directory is the phreeqc home folder and not the src folder.
       c. File Format = Application
       d. Select Show startup screen
       e. Select Run-only
   6. Click Save and opt to replace the existing run phreeqc application.
   7. Quit Script Editor (no need to save changes if prompted).


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