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[1] CO2 Capture by Steel Slag Heap

[2] Upcoming PHREEQC training course

[3] MOOC Introduction to Geochemical Modeling using PHREEQC

[4] PHREEQC Advanced Course To Be Held Online Last Week of September

[5] Geochemical Modeling Course (PHREEQC, PHAST, PhreePlot) April 2020, Colorado USA

[6] Geochemical Modeling course (PHREEQC, PHAST, PhreePlot) May 2019 in Colorado USA

[7] Geochemical Modeling Course (PHREEQC based) April 2018 in Lakewood, CO

[8] Geochemical Modeling Course Australia March 20, 2017 DATE CHANGE

[9] PHREEQC based geochemical modeling course Colorado, May 2017


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